Meet The Team


Hannah Mossman Lecturer @ManMetUni 

 I’m a plant ecologist, studying how we can create new saltmarsh to replace the habitat that has been lost




Picture3Peter Lawrence- PhD Student @ManMetUni

I’m a geomorphologist and conservation biologist. I enjoy watching plants colonise new sediment and studying how this occurs. I previously worked as senior scientist and engineer at the Port of London providing a contact between science, engineering and dredging works



Picture4Clemnitine Chirol -Phd Student @unishouthampton

I have background in geology and geomorphology. I now examine the evolution of creek networks in managed realignment schemes, aiming to guide their future design



Ivan Haigh-Associate professor @unisouthamptonPicture5

I’m a coastal oceanographer, researching sea-level rise and coastal flooding. I’ve developed a database of historical flooding events Do you have photos of an historic flood?


Adam George-PhD student @Oxford.brookes   Picture6                     Lecturer@Bridgwater.Coll

I’m a lecturer in animal conservation. During my PhD, I’m studying the changes in plants, animals and invertebrates at Steart Marshes since its creation



Racheal Dunk -Principal Lecturer @ManMetUniPicture7

I am a geochemist and environmental scientist. My research focuses on science and  policy of climate change. I’m investigating the role of Steart Marshes as a carbon store.

Charlie Thompson-Senior Research fellow @unisouthamptonPicture8

I’m a sedimentologist. I mostly work on sediment dynamics in coastal wetlands, but have also studied the erosion of archaeological artifacts and skeletal remains!



Picture9Thomas Stamp- PhD student @PlymUni

I’m a fisheries scientist, studying the ecology and distribution of European bass in the south west UK. My research at Steart Marshes includes understanding fish use, growth and diet on managed realignment and natural saltmarshes



Emma Mckninley -research fellow @cardiffuniPicture10

I’m a marine biologist, working in marine protection and governance. My research at Steart Marshes focuses on understanding public perceptions of saltmarshes and their value.



Ryan Edge-PhD Student-ManMetUnitPicture11

I am a plant ecologist researching how saltmarsh plants differ between natural and restored marsh. I am also the editor of this website,  so please get in touch with any feedback.



Rhoda Ballinger -Senior Lecturer@cardiffunishutterstock_532714774

I research issues surrounding coastal and estuary management, with a particular interest in Integrated Coastal Management. I am a member of the Severn Estuary Partnership




If you have any questions about our research or other aspects of coastal science, please contact us via twitter or at


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