Welcome to Science of Steart! WWT Steart Marshes is not only a wonderful area to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes, but it is also fast becoming a hub for scientific research. Our research at Steart, and around the UK coast, is working to understand the value of coastal habitats and the challenges they face, like sea level rise.

Science of Steart is an initiative for scientists from universities around the UK to share their research and discoveries in the hope that it excites you as much as it does it us. Here you will find a wealth of information about all the amazing scientific work being carried out in the area. Please have a look around, read our blog posts for the latest updates or check out the fun facts relating to coasts. Alternatively flick through one of our galleries for an insight into our research or just admire some of the stunning scenery WWT Steart Marshes has to offer. Check out our latest events too.

If you have pictures, stories, concerns comments or questions to share, we’d love you to get touch at ScienceofSteart@gmail.com. You can find other contact details on the Meet the Team page. We always appreciate feedback, as well as any chance to discuss our research.


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